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EarthRover 1 is a hand built solar-powered electric vehicle, a rolling sculpture created from wood and metal, found and bought and fabricated parts. It has a fully articulated chassis that rolls on 6 electric wheels with a rocker-bogie suspension system. It features a terrarium and algae oxygen supply system for crew- a bio-regenerative life support system, and is driven by EarthMan 2.  Their mission is to study the environment of Earth.

Operator                           EarthMan 2

Major contractor               Dion Laurent

Mission type                     EarthRover 1

Launch date                      November 26, 2011 15:02:00.211 UTC (10:02 EST)

Mission duration               23 Earth months

Mass                                 544.31kg (1,200 lb)

Length                               3.048 m (10 feet)

Wheels                              6 x 21"

Power                               Solar Electric-powered

Landing Date                   August 6, 2012, 01:34:19 CST(Earth time)

Coordinates                     First Ward in Houston, 29 46'24.07" N 95 22'23.51" W ELEV 44'

The Earth Rover 1 is an electric-powered EarthRover that is part of Dion Laurent's Earth Science Laboratory(ESL) mission for the Earth. EarthRover 1 carries the most advanced payload of scientific equipment ever used on the surface of Earth.

The Earth Science Laboratory mission has four scientific goals:

  1. Determine whether the Earth could have ever existed without humans

  2. Study the climate of Earth

  3. Study the geology of Earth.

  4. Plan for a sustainable human interaction on Earth

EarthRover 1 and EarthMan 2, Dion Laurent

Working drawing:  EarthRover 1, Dion Laurent, Feb., 2012  10" x 10"


EarthRover 1 is based on the NASA created Mars Rover, Curiosity, launched in November 2011 and successfully deployed on Mars on August 6, 2012. (A Fantabulistically precise feat of brilliance! Wow! NASA!)



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