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EarthRover 1, Dion Laurent 2011-2013

(CNN) April 30,2014 ">THIRD TIME'S A CHARM-- Dion Laurent's EarthRover 1 will make a third attempt at lining up for the Houston Art Car Parade. Beset by last moment electrical failures in both 2012 and 2013, EarthRover 1 returns for the 2014 Houston Art Car Parade.

Houston Art Car Parade 2014. EarthRover 1 and EarthMan 2, Entry # 50

Houston Art Car Parade 2013. EarthRover 2 and EarthMan 2, Entry # 203.

Houston Art Car Parade 2012. EarthRover 1 and EarthMan 2, Entry # 230.

EarthRover 1, Dion Laurent 2011-2013

Dion Laurent's EarthRover 1 and EarthMan 2, Selected for the TEXAS BIENNIAL 2013

First Opening: Thursday, September 5, 2013, 6-9pm,  Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, San Antonio

Art Blog San Antonio, Texas Biennial 2013


Glass Tire, Texas Biennial 2013


youtube, earthrover 1


Houston Culture Map, Houston Art Car Parade 2013


Earth Rover 1 Curiosity, Dion Laurent

Photo of EarthRover 1 moments after landing (photo taken through the clear lens cover in order to protect the camera from the still-settling dust of the landing).


(CNN) Aug. 6,2012 -- Dion Laurent's EarthRover 1 successfully carried out a highly challenging landing in Houston, Texas early Monday, transmitting images back to Earth Science Laboratory after traveling hundreds of hours through Texas in order to explore the Blue and Green Planet.

The $2.6 billion EarthRover 1 made its dramatic arrival on Houston terrain in a spectacle popularly known as the "seven minutes of terror".

This jaw-dropping landing process, involving a sky crane and the world's smallest supersonic parachute, allowed the trailer carrying EarthRover 1 to target the landing area that EarthMan 2 had meticulously chosen.

The mission control in Laurent's Earth Science Laboratory in Texas burst into cheers as the rover touched down. Team members hugged and high-fived one another as EarthRover 1 landed in Houston's First Ward, some shed tears.


During the last week of preparation for The Houston Art Car Parade 2012, Corrine Glowacki and crew from France TV documented Dion Laurent preparing EarthRover 1 for the Parade, along with a performance of EarthMan2 with EarthRover 1. was established on May 21, 2009.

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